"Olenia" boasts many activities to do during your stay with us.  In addition to our workshops and tours, we also provide for various other activities that will engage you in the culture and nature of Belarus.

Visit Father Frost

Have you ever wondered if Belarus has a Santa Claus?  They do and he is much closer than the North Pole!  Father Frost is the Slavic Santa Claus and, luckily for us, he lives in Pushcha Forest!  Located only seven kilometers from the main tourist entrance, visitors come to Pushcha year-round to visit Father Frost's traditional home and workshop.  To learn more about Belovezhskaya Pushcha, visit the "Tours" section of our website.


Lake and River Fishing

Belarus is home to multiple freshwater rivers and lakes, which keep the country lush and green and provide a source of water to the country's robust flora and fauna.  "Olenia" is conveniently located on the banks of the Lesnaya River and a convenient distance from Sipurka Lake.  Various species of catfish, carp and bass are the most sought-after prizes.  You are welcome to bring your own fishing equipment and use our facilities to cook and dine on your catch.  "Olenia" also rents fishing equipment and can arrange transportation to and from your desired fishing destination, if necessary.


Biking and Photo Safari

The oldest forest in Europe, Belovezhskaya Pushcha, is home to an abundant species of flora and fauna.  Pushcha is the largest national park in Belarus and thousands of tourists visit Belovezhskaya Pushcha each year to see animals in their natural habitat.  "Olenia" is a mere seven kilometers from the tourist entrance and only ONE kilometer from a private "biking only" entrance!  A park ranger is stationed at this entrance and sells entrance tickets (approximately $4 per person) and provides each guest with a map of the Pushcha bike trails!  You are welcome to bring your own bikes or "Olenia" will gladly rent bikes to you.  Guests are also encouraged to bring their cameras, as the habitats for animals allow for great pictures!  To learn more about Belovezhskaya Pushcha, visit the "Tours" section of our website.

River Rafting

Starting in Poland, the Lesnaya River runs throughout various cities, towns and protected parts of Pushcha in the Brest region of Belarus.  Rafting down this gentle river will allow you to see Belarus forests and countrysides with ease.  "Olenia" will transport you to a docking area several kilometers up river from the "Olenia" location; from there, the current will caress you to your destination - "Olenia".  You are welcome to bring your own raft or "Olenia" will gladly rent one to you.

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