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"Olenia" offers many tours that will engage you in the culture and nature of Belarus.  Our tour guide, Volha Reeb, will regale you with the history, legends and lore that surround each location you visit.  Our tours accommodate 1-4 people and last 3-6 hours (including driving time) depending on your interests.  Our tour times are flexible and transportation can be provided, if necessary.


On our Kamenets Region Tour, you will be able to explore the Tower of Kamenets, the last remaining defensive tower of the Kamenets Castle created in 1271.  You will also visit the birthplace of Stanislav Ponyatovsky, the last king of Poland.  This tour also includes visits to several historical Orthodox and Catholic churches, even one of the three Calvinist cathedrals found in Belarus.  Architecture is not the only attraction on this tour, as you will also be visiting various natural springs, manors and parks once belonging to historic Polish and Belarusian families such as Sapegy, Puzyny and Potockiye.


Belovezhskaya Pushcha is the oldest forest in Europe.  Located on the border of Poland and Belarus, Pushcha consists of 900 species of plants and trees; most notable are many 500-year old fur, pine and ash trees.  Pushcha is home to a rich variety of flora and fauna; 227 species of birds and 59 species of land animals, many of which registered as endangered species, reside in Pushcha.  This primeval forest is like no other, as many open-air natural habitats for Pushcha’s wildlife have been partitioned for public viewing year-round.  Your tour guide, Volha Reeb, can lead you on walking or biking trails to see Pushcha’s wildlife – including the European bison (the largest and heaviest mammal in Europe).  This National Park is also home to a Museum of Nature, detailing the history of the forest, and, of course, the residence of Father Frost himself.  


Celebrating its 1000th birthday in 2017, Brest is the fifth oldest city in Belarus. With a population of 340,000 people, Brest is located on the border of Poland and the confluence of two large rivers, the Muhavets and the West Buh.  Brest was the first Belarusian city to get Magdeburg rights in 1390, giving it a degree of independence and local autonomy. On our tour we will see the  remains of Brest from the 13th century; follow the footsteps of Belarus during World War I and II;  explore the famous and heroic Brest Fortress; and walk along Pedestrian Sovetskaya Street, also known as Brest Arbat due to the amount of shops, cafes and lights.  


On our Miracles and Churches Tour, you will be able to explore six Orthodox churches dating from as far back as 1615.  You will also visit two celebrated and revered holy locations where people had visions of Mother Mary - at the first location, your tour guide will describe how the lives of 47 people were saved during WWII; at the second location, you will see an unusual pear tree that has drawn thousands of pilgrims to its location since 1905.

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