What to see around olenia

As "Olenia" is conveniently located right at the entrance of "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" National Park, there are many attractions that our guests can see during their stay.

Father Frost's Residency 

Belarusian Santa Claus is open for visitors of all ages all year round from 9 am to 6 pm. The tickets are available at the main gate's ticket office. It's approximately an hour bike ride from the gate.


Open-air Archeological Museum

One of the newest museums of the park, the open-air Archeological Museum of the Bronze Age is a representation of a slavic settlement of VI-I cc. BC. The whole settlement was built according to the age it recreates - without a single nail. You can walk along the defensive walls, go inside huts, hold the tools and guess what people used to use them for. The tickets are available at the main entrance. The museum is only 10 minutes walk from the main gate and 40 minutes bike ride from "Olenia".

Old Trees along the bike routes

One of our favorite sights are the oldest members of the forest: 1 to 6 centuries old oaks and pines. Some of them witnessed royal hunts of four states that don't even exist anymore. 



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